Tour Event @ University of San Diego

We can't say thanks enough to the University of San Diego for hosting our one-of-a-kind program! We had a blast on this beautiful campus. At first glance, most people see that the University's buildings are well-designed and the landscaping is well-manicured, but what you don't see is how it's becoming more sustainable every year. You [...]

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Bamboo-mazing or Bamboozled? The Up & Down Sides of Bamboo Flooring

The choice to use bamboo seemed like a no-brainer at first. They look great, they're super durable (often rated one of the most dog-friendly flooring options), they're cost effective, and they're eco-friendly... or are they? Ray, making herself right at home on our bamboo floors. A Bit of Background Info: [...]

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An Unexpected Addition to the Tour

Introducing the newest member of the Creative Animal Tour Troop, Ray. She is a 10~12 week old mix breed puppy we rescued last week in Fort Worth, Texas, outside of Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service. A long story long: We took the tiny house to a shop to get [...]

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Tour Event @ Mutual of Omaha Bank: Phoenix

This last week we stopped by the offices of Mutual of Omaha Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. They asked us to show off our Tiny House on Wheels to their staff, but little did we know that they are in a LEED Certified building. If you're unfamiliar, that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, [...]

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