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We’re on a mission to take our message to a city near you!

Tour hosts, Stephanie Arne and Tim Davison have embarked on a 50-city tour on behalf of the Creative Animal Foundation’s mission to challenge themselves AND 1 million people online and in person to live a more sustainable lifestyle… and they’re doing it all from a 203 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels!

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This is more than just a tiny-home on-wheels. It’s more than just our tour-bus. Or even our living quarters, office, or studio. This structure is at the cross-roads of being a dynamic art installation, a traveling museum exhibit, and a personal residence where it’s occupants invite the public in – to have a conversation.

These are rare things today’s world. Not only is does this project involve something private in a public setting (a home), but it also allows for the type of conversations we have in our homes to be had in public.

To date, Tim and Steph have invited over 15,000 people into their home. And regardless of race, religion, sex, or political stance – they have used this tiny home as a mobile metaphor for the tiny home (planet) that we all share – and had conversations about how we can all live, work, and play – more sustainably in that home.


Our beautiful tiny house on wheels was built by the talented crew at 84 | Tiny Living. We worked closely with their GreenEdge Supply division as well as their design team to customize our home so it would be eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

  • 24’W x 8’5″ x 13’4″
  • 12,250 lbs.
  • Reclaimed wood siding from Joe Hardy’s 100+ year old barn
  • Reclaimed wood butcher block counter tops
  • Energy saving LED lighting
  • Low-E Windows by United Window
  • Energy Star Refrigerator
  • ONDUVILLA roofing
  • Eco-Bamboo flooring
  • Nature’s Head composting toilet
  • Low VOC Paints & Stains
  • Repurposed bathroom sink



Tiny House Big Living

In 2017 we were honored to be featured on the HGTV and DIY Network’s popular program Tiny House, Big Living. To see the episode click on the logo above. NOTE: unfortunately, tyere is no free version of the episode at this time. The link will take you to YouTube where the episode can be purchased for $1.99. If you have a cable package, you can look for us on either of these channels, Tiny House, Big Living: Season 4 Episode 4 – Tiny Zoo House


\ to͝or \
tour – noun
1. a journey in which several different places are visited.
2. a journey made by performers, in which they perform or play in several different places.
3. a period of duty on military or diplomatic service.
tour – verb
1. make a tour of (an area)..