We had a great time recently at the North Georgia Zoo!

About a half hour north of Atlanta, set in the hills, is the North Georgia Zoo. Here we set up shop for the weekend and spent time with the awesome owners, Tom and Hope, as well as the fantastic staff who care for the animals day in and day out. What’s great about this zoo is how hands on it is. Where as most zoos you see animals at a distance, here you are up close and personal. You also get to interact with the zoo staff, which is something that just can’t happen at larger zoos.

We did a open house, but before we did… here are some pictures of the friends we made.

The good news is, we had a great time and met a lot of great people. The bad news, the infamous tree pollen of Georgia spring-time wreaked havoc on the Tim and Steph’s allergies. That had us down and out for most of the weekend, especially Stephanie. This was the perfect opportunity for the keepers to mess with Steph…