Okay, you might be thinking that we’re being a little biased. And maybe we are. I grew up going to this zoo as a kid, and Steph got her first job out of college here… But seriously… It’s the best. From the animals, to the people, to the exhibits, to the world-wide conservation projects. The. Best. In. The. World.


Honestly, this was one of the most exciting open houses to date. We were to be a part of the zoo’s Red, White, and Zoo! festivities. We pulled the house in the night before and got it all set up and ready for the big day. And when we woke up the next day… A ginormous rain storm loomed over the roof of the IMAX Theater next door to us. About the time the zoo gates opened, it was a down pour.

It cleared up half way through the day, leading to weather that like we were in a rainforest… although the weather conditions in the Lied Jungle (world re-known indoor rainforest exhibit) was probably much, much nicer.

Luckily, we got by with a little help from our friends. A huge thank you all those that volunteered to help with the crowds coming in and out of our home, to all of the family and friends that visited us from out of town. And a HUGE-ER thank you to those who generously donated money to help make programs like this possible for free to the zoo (or school, university, museum, etc..) because in the end, our message and mission of education and wildlife conservation is the same.