We were so excited to find out the roofing on our tiny house on wheels would be clad in ONDUVILLA shingles. Since late-2015 we have heard such great things about the product. That was only affirmed by the number of tiny houses we saw at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree that used Onduline products as well as our chance meeting with Roy St. Clair and Buddy Pullen, both of Onduline. They talked to us about its application, its construction, and more. It was great to find out that ONDUVILLA employs a recycled amount of asphalt composite with a fiber matte core. Rated for 150 mph winds and available in six colors, we left the Jamboree with an excitement that only continued when we saw our Ebony Black shingles at the 84 (lumber) tiny living construction yard.

It was nearly 5 months of living on the road in some capacity that our roof traveled without issue. That all changed though in mid-December in Sarasota, FL.

We were driving through a grocery story parking lot that had beautiful (but dangerous, I quickly found out) landscaping. The trees were beautiful, with their low-hanging branches, that seemed to canopy each traffic lane. Now our tiny house on wheels is roughly 13’4″ in height (well under the 13’5″ DOT maximum) depending on how low the leaf springs have settled with cargo weight. During one of the parking lot turns we clipped the passenger side of our house on the gable just above the front door. While it didn’t seem like a tragedy it did leave me wondering how we would fix the issue. Thankfully ONDUVILLA is just a phone call away.

We touched base with our old friend Buddy who had a repair kit and new shingling sent to us at our next location. The fix was as easy as unscrewing the fasteners, sliding out the damaged shingle, sliding in the new shingle, and screwing the fasteners back in. In fact, all it took was a ladder, a screwdriver (or drill with Phillips bit), and a box cutter. All in all, our roof was as good as new in just 20 minutes.

The secret as referenced in the title of this post is this: unlike traditional shingling, ONDUVILLA is designed with the novice in mind. You don’t have to remove or lift up an entire square of shingles to repair just one. You only need to lift up the one damaged shingle, put in a new one, and keep on moving forward!